Our Magnet Adventures – Hellfire Caves

Last week we visited the Hellfire Caves located in West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Though not as creepy, or as old as the Chislehurst Caves, it was still fascinating to see how this entire tunnel structure was manmade with multiple different chambers, and passages leading to those chambers. (**There is a trail to the right of the … Continue reading Our Magnet Adventures – Hellfire Caves


Our Magnet Adventures – Mountfitchet Castle & Norman Village of 1066

This weekend we went to see Mountfitchet Castle and the Norman Village of 1066 located in Stansted, Essex. Though I'm not quite sure why it is called a castle considering that the 'castle' is a piece of leftover rock.. but hey.. let's not get hung up on details here! If you enjoy history, like me … Continue reading Our Magnet Adventures – Mountfitchet Castle & Norman Village of 1066

Exercise Journal – Day 2

I skipped the caffeine today, and loaded up on pre-workout instead.. which contains caffeine. Genius move there.. wow! It's almost midnight, and I'm still awake from this pre-workout. Also, there is this awful smell and I can't figure out what this is, though I suspect it may be coming from my husband.. Anyways, to sum … Continue reading Exercise Journal – Day 2

Progress Update – Week 2

I'm sorry this post is late, I was supposed to do it yesterday but yesterday was one heck of a day so.. moving on! Week 2 Update: This last week has been a bit better than the previous week, and I saw some improvement, especially in my biceps. I can definitely see something when I … Continue reading Progress Update – Week 2

Exercise Journal – Day 1

Did my workout this morning. I'm dead tired. I can't sleep. My body is pumped full of caffeine... and now protein. Been up since 3 a.m. and am currently rocking out to Bob Seger - Old Time Rock & Roll. I'm also currently dancing in my kitchen without pants on, all while managing to write … Continue reading Exercise Journal – Day 1

Experimental Craziness

My husband and I finally decided to train together, and by together I mean totally separate. What I am trying to say here is that we have decided to start a new workout program/routine (starting tomorrow - Monday, September 11th in the year of 2017) that we are both participating in, but we each go … Continue reading Experimental Craziness

8 Plant Based Foods That Are High In Protein

  I'm working pretty hard these day on up-ing my protein intake, and being on a plant base diet doesn't always make it easy. I have to cook specific meals, plan ahead, and make sure I have enough for my entire family as well. It's fairly easy getting enough (even too much) protein from most … Continue reading 8 Plant Based Foods That Are High In Protein