Same-o Lame-o Day-o!!

I skipped the caffeine today, and loaded up on pre-workout instead.. which contains caffeine. Genius move there.. wow! It's almost midnight, and I'm still awake from this pre-workout. Also, there is this awful smell and I can't figure out what this is, though I suspect it may be coming from my husband.. Anyways, to sum … Continue reading Same-o Lame-o Day-o!!


🎶 I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar.. 🎶

Did my workout this morning. I'm dead tired. I can't sleep. My body is pumped full of caffeine... and now protein. Been up since 3 a.m. and am currently rocking out to Bob Seger - Old Time Rock & Roll. I'm also currently dancing in my kitchen without pants on, all while managing to write … Continue reading 🎶 I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar.. 🎶

8 Plant Based Foods That Are High In Protein

  I'm working pretty hard these day on up-ing my protein intake, and being on a plant base diet doesn't always make it easy. I have to cook specific meals, plan ahead, and make sure I have enough for my entire family as well. It's fairly easy getting enough (even too much) protein from most … Continue reading 8 Plant Based Foods That Are High In Protein

Our Magnet Adventures – Hollow Trees Farm

Today, we visited Hollow Trees Farm in Ipswich. Unfortunately, they didn't sell any magnets.. nonetheless, we had a great time. Hollow Trees Farm is basically a petting zoo where children can pet (some) and feed (all) the different types of animals. Our daughter absolutely loved it, and didn't want to leave. Our journey started by … Continue reading Our Magnet Adventures – Hollow Trees Farm

Flying With Kids – The Basics

Every year, our daughter gets to spend a few weeks of her summer vacation in Germany with my family. This means that I have to fly there and then back home. And a few weeks later, I have to do it all over again. It's not easy, even if you only have one child; like … Continue reading Flying With Kids – The Basics

How Drinking 3L Of Water A Day Changed My Body

I used to be dehydrated, a lot. I never drank enough water. Some days I'd drink a small bottle of water, and on others I didn't drink anything at all. A couple of months ago I decided to drink 3L a day for no other reason than to see what happens, and how it would … Continue reading How Drinking 3L Of Water A Day Changed My Body

Our Magnet Adventures – Chislehurst Caves

In case you're wondering, I call them our Magnet Adventures because I almost always purchase a magnet when we travel somewhere we haven't been before. Then I put them on the fridge and they end up holding our daughters drawings up 🙂 ! Still, it's a tradition I started a while ago, and one that's … Continue reading Our Magnet Adventures – Chislehurst Caves