Same-o Lame-o Day-o!!

I skipped the caffeine today, and loaded up on pre-workout instead.. which contains caffeine. Genius move there.. wow! It’s almost midnight, and I’m still awake from this pre-workout. Also, there is this awful smell and I can’t figure out what this is, though I suspect it may be coming from my husband..

Anyways, to sum up today’s workout:

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 10.25.06 PM

I’ve also noticed that I am able to lift significantly heavier weights than I used to, plus my biceps are really starting to show. I feel a bit manly, but I’m loving the fact that I can open *hard-to-open* jars myself now! 🙂

Ok, what the frig is this smell?!? I’m getting the febreze.

I’ve been working out for years, but only for the last month or so have I noticed a dramatic increase in muscle size and strength, and that simply by adjusting my diet, and my exercise routine. I’m kind of curious what I will look like after this program is over; only 82 more days to go! Also, I need to figure something out about these late night gym sessions. I can’t keep taking pre-workout at night, go to the gym, and then sit awake for hours while being in a zombie like state during the day. This needs to seriously change, because it also dramatically increases my anxiety levels, and then this is what my nights usually end up looking like:Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.16.19 PMStress, I tell ya! And those nights, like tonight, are the reason I bury myself in homework, books, research, and all things nerdy!

**  **  **  **  **

Story of my life!




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