Rock Fit Fam

We are just your average multinational family, managing life one day at a time while being parents to an awesome six year old girl.. oh yeah, and the fat ass taking up space in our home; Jinx! He’s our cat, and he’s old. But we love him.. you know, because he’s our cat and all.. even though he scratches and bites.. sometimes.  He’s just weird. So he fits perfectly into our family!

My husband and I are pretty active, though it doesn’t always show. What the heck is the secret to a perfect body anyway? We’ve been messing around trying to figure it out,
and this is my way to document it all.. well that, and our travel adventures.
Who knows what else we’ll discover along the way… El Dorado? Atlantis?
The cure for a broken heart? .. Oh yeah, we’ve got goals!

We hike, bike, run, swim, and everything else in between! If it’s sunny outside, the beach is where you’ll find us 🙂 ! And if it rains, we become storm chasers! We eat a mostly plant based diet, and spend the majority of our free time outdoors, traveling, and finding new and creative ways to spend time together as a family.


That’s all. Welcome to our site!

Feel free to take a cookie on your way out.

Or not.

– Ciao!